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  Original Writing:

We are show-casing samples of original work below. We are not planning a forum as there are many fine poetry forums on the internet for those who li ke to work in that way. Any-one who would like to be involved locally can contact us by e-mail, or by attending one of our regular meetings. We would be delighted to hear from anyone interested in being involved.

If you want to know more about other local groups, we would be happy to help make initial contact.

Click on titles to read poems: All work in .pdf format.

Work samples

Kevin Griffin Friday (KG) Easy Going (pub. Revival) Paragliding (pub. Riposte)
Frances Atkin My Vision Drawn That Wind Was Young Wing and Fin
Ed Schmidt-Zörner Friday  (ESZ) Forbearance I Met Karl Marx
Carolyn Bennett VEXILLOLOGIST    
Michael (Buddy) O'Meara The Perfect Shot Don't Bank On Change
  Buddy's piece, Don't Bank On Change was ' LETTER OF THE WEEK'  Sunday Independent 22/6/14.
Mick Jones The Plainest Day Diary Of A Northern Week
Tim Powell Breadcrumbs Of Kindness at The Rail Station  (pub. Riposte)
  Sadly, Tim Powell passed away suddenly, just before the short poem above appeared in Riposte.


Current members

All written material appearing in Knibs publications are copyright to the accredited authors or their estates.

Kevin Griffin,  Kevin Griffin is a retired secondary teacher, having taught at the Intermediate School, Killorglin for forty years. Since his retirement, he has been writing steadily, mostly poetry but also prose including reviews. His poems have been published in magazines like the SHOp, Revival, Crannog, Senior Times, Riposte, Stony Thursday, and The Blue Max. He has been shortlisted for the Phisfest prize and the Fish Poetry prize. He is a regular reader at poetry events in Kerry, Cork, Limerick and Galway.

Frances Atkin  has been living in Kerry for the last 5 years. Originally from Skerries (Co.Dublin) she has been writing for some years now. As well as her poetry output, she has written two novels and is currently working on a third.

Ed Schmidt-Zörner  was born in Germany and moved to Kerry more than 25 years ago. He is a free-lance artist and sculptor with several exhibitions abroad  and in Ireland to his credit; he also has a great passion for poetry and literature. Being quadrilingual he has written poems in foreign languages and achieved publication in both German and English.

Maggie  O'Riordan

Bernadette Ni Riada

Michael (Buddy) O'Meara  To be or not to be - someone once said. I would rather have been, for if I had not, these words would never have been written. Whether that can be considered good or bad is for the reader to decide. He/she must also ask the question.

Mick Jones  moved from Worcestershire (UK) to Glounaguillagh, near Caragh Lake, in October 2004. Originally an orchestral viola player with the BBC, he then nailed a job as ‘the mad fiddle player’ for a busy Birmingham rock band. Currently striving to find more time for writing poetry and music. Mick played an active part in the production of the Knibs collection, Echoes from The Reeks (2008). He is a regular reader at Poets Corner in Tralee and has had poems published in, 'Anthology For A River', Revival and Riposte. Most recently his poem 'Bullets' was included in Boyne Berries 2016 commemorative issue.

Bernard Supple  has lived in Kerry since 2001. Previously published  by the Huntingdon writers Group, Bernard has been a member of Knibs since 2008.


Below are biogs of members who contributed to one or both of the Knibs collections, but no longer regularly attend meetings.

Hazel Endean  was born in Lancashire, England and later moved to Cornwall. In 1973 she came to Dooks, Co. Kerry. Her first love is writing; other interests are watercolour painting, playing keyboard, table tennis and short mat bowls. An avid reader, she is also a scrabble and crossword fanatic. Hazel has had articles published in Ireland’s Own, on R.T.E. and contributed to 'Echoes From The Reeks'.

Mary Foley-Taylor  is a native of Killorglin who returned after twenty years in New York. Discovery of an old family grave in 1972 led her on decades of research on local families and their extended branches. She studied Accountancy in Poughkeepsie, N.Y. and History at UCC and Queen's University, Belfast. Contributed to 'Echoes From The Reeks'.

Kate Ahern  was born in Milltown, County Kerry. The youngest of nine children, she has lived in Killorglin for forty-eight years. A contributor to ‘Breacadh’, ‘Ripples From The Laune’. and 'Echoes From The Reeks'.

Former contributors to our collections who have sadly passed away. We remember them ALL with great fondness.

Sadly adding to our list of former members Dr. Mary Collins passed away peacefully on April 7th 2016

Mary Collins  was born in Millstreet County Cork. A retired doctor, she lived in Coolroe, Glenbeigh. She had work published in ‘Irelands Own’, ‘‘Breacadh’, ‘Ripples From The Laune’. and 'Echoes From The Reeks'.

Jo Scanlon  was born in Ballyduff, County Waterford, and lived in Killorglin from 1946. A retired teacher, she enjoyed reading, writing and working at her computer. She wrote scripts for local stage performances and contributed to ‘Ripples From The Laune’ and 'Echoes From The Reeks'.

T William Powell  (1958-2013)  was born in England, escaped the abject drudgery of office work in East Anglia, shuffled whole-foods in Kent, and came to Co. Kerry to write. Tim died suddenly in 2013 - his enthusiasm for, and delight in the written word, were an inspiration to all who knew him.

Carol Clifford
  (1944 - 2006)  was born in Omagh County Tyrone. Lived in England and then Kildare before settling in Castlemaine in the mid 90s. Her own description of herself reads, “...had incarnations, as a nurse, an academic and now poet, which manages to combine the experiences of all three”. Carol was the driving force behind Knibs' first publication ‘Ripples From The Laune’ and was a contributor to ‘Breacadh’. A selection of her poems were included, posthumously in Echoes From The Reeks (2008).

Jack O’Dwyer  (1930 - 2010) was born in Killorglin, County Kerry. He moved to London to work in the banking industry, but returned to his home town on retirement. A contributor to ‘Breacadh’, ‘Ripples From The Laune’ and Echoes From The Reeks.

Joyce Ash   was born in Birmingham of Irish parents. She was a teacher (B.A. in Maths) and a hotelier in Devon; she loved singing, held the LLCM, was a founder member of Knibs and often broadcast her work on Radio Kerry's 'Just a thought'. Joyce lived in Glenbeigh until sadly passing away in 2011.

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