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Mick Jones mick@soundswell.co.uk
Kevin Griffin griffinkevin47@gmail.com


We would be delighted to hear from anyone considering joining, or visiting, our writers group. You are welcome to make initial contact via e-mail. (see above) We are a not-for-profit organisation, who meet regularly on Thursday mornings in Killorglin Library. Meetings are scheduled to start at 10.30am and finish at 12.30pm. You are advised that these times are APPROXIMATE.

Meetings are varied and informal, they usually consist of an obligatory 'chat' session before starting on any writing exercises. We occasionally set ourselves a task to complete for the following week. Some find it helpful to have this informally imposed discipline, as an incentive to produce.
The aim of the group is simply to provide mutual support and encouragement in our endeavours to hone our writing skills. Though a number of us have had pieces published in more than one arena, none of us have regular columns or income from our efforts. We meet simply because writing is a solitary occupation. It's often helpful to socialise with others trying to work along similar lines. We occasionally have visits from more established writers to help with the flow of new ideas.



During 2009
Mick collaborated with Declan Mangan on a musical celebrating the life and songs of a nineteenth century Irish songwriter. He dubbed himself 'The Rambler from Clare', but was also known as 'The Irish Singing Clown'.  Garden Where The Praties Grow  ~~ Stone Outside Dan Murphy's Door  ~~ Off To Philadelphia  ~~ Biddy Donahue  ~~ Goodbye Johnny Dear ~~ The Dingle Puck Goat   ~~   and more old favourites were written by Johnny Patterson.

Johnny Patterson                      www.johnnyp.ie


Do visit   ó bhéal      ...whether here on the web - or at one of their regular Monday night sessions in Cork.

Maybe have a go at their regular 5-word competition. 

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 MUNSTER LITERATURE CENTRE                 (Click here to visit website)

Another invaluable writers resource!

Soundswell                     (Mick's music education website)


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